Public Relations – What, How, Who?

Public Relations Definitions

“What is Public Relations?” This question gets asked dozens of times daily. A simple question it is, yet it has managed to acquire several definitions throughout the world. Essentially, Public Relations (PR) deals with publicizing the image, reputation, intentions or purposes of organizations, groups and individuals in the best possible way – regardless of the actuality of the situation. In other words, the primary objective of PR is this – the represented body or individual must “come up smelling like roses”. There has been growing concerns that the purpose of public relations is merely to spin the truth of a matter. While this perception is understandable, it arises from the misunderstandings about the role of public relations. The fact that PR agents provide representation for an organization, does not mean they have the authorization to lie on that organization’s behalf. It means however, that PR professionals have the full responsibility of highlighting the positive aspects and benefits of their respective organizations, in the context of that representation.

Other Definitions:

– Public Relations can also be defined as the management of understanding and communications between organizations/individuals and the wider society through various media platforms. It bridges the gap between the two thereby ensuring mutual adaptability and coexistence.

– Public Relations is a discipline in business that measures public perception of and attitude towards an organization or individual and thereby seeks ways to secure its trust and acceptance. It examines the programs and policies of the respective organization and highlights their benefits and goodwill that serves public interests.

As such, Public Relations has developed into diverse areas of specialization so as to focus on specific functions. There are Marketing and Advertising PR, Government PR, Financial PR, Consumer PR (not to be confused with marketing), Industry PR and others. They implement various information technologies (IT) and techniques such as Social Media and Networking; Press Releases; relating directly with journalist among others measures, in an effort to get their messages across. Marketing and Advertising PR, in particular, are even more likely to implement such media and techniques in their campaign strategy. With new forms of IT being introduced daily, they seize every opportunity to reach as many of their niche audience as possible.

With that said, PR professionals are expected to abide by certain Code of Ethics and Conduct that are set in place. This is for the purpose of regulating their activities and eliminating possibilities of misinformation to the general public. As alluded to before, the instances of spinning an issue is also reduced by these measures as Public Relations professionals are held accountable for their actions and any misleading information that they may issue.

Advertising and Public Relations India

Want to create a favorable image amongst audience, if your answer is yes; then simply go for companies offering advertising and public relations in India. There is a very thin line of differentiation between advertising and public relations in India as both are the means of getting popular. However, this is a wrong conception as advertising is basically done to sell and market the product and services whereas public relations is done create a positive image about the company.

In recent times advertising and public relations in India has come a long way and now it has become more competitive and also effective. If we look into advertising service we come to know that it is a very complex business which primarily emphasizes on new innovations, ideas, technologies and even lifestyle trends. However, public relations depend upon the foolproof planning and also popularity. If we compare the two costs wise you will come to know that both are of approximately same cost as both have their own significance.

While selecting advertising and public relations in India people are ought to a lot of extensive research as both are the best medium so selecting the best among two involves a lot of work. If we talk about advertising, it is somehow difficult to measure or even predict the response of the audience whereas, in public relations at times you get instant feedback and also it is done with other back up plan too. Both have their own share of advantages and disadvantages that’s why people select them according to their needs and requirements.

According to few experts, advertising has a cutting edge over public relations as it can be done in television, radio, newspaper and now even internet. Public relations are done on same ground but somehow lacks in that required punch.

Both advertising and public relations in India are equally important and also very helpful in creating a favorable image amongst public. If you wish to have a positive image so that you can further reap profits then it is wise to select the company providing best and competitive advertising and public relations in India. If you wish to know details and updates regarding advertising and public relations in India then Pitch is there for you.

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Maximize Your Company’s Exposure With Public Relations

Don’t be afraid to admit it, but for many people PR means “press release.” However, what it really means is public relations (PR) which sometimes is a misunderstood marketing concept. PR activities differ based on the branding and image you want for your company. Large corporations usually employ public relations professionals and/or secure external PR firms. Small to mid-sized business might not be doing any public relations activities – but should they really go without?

It turns out developing a strong public relations strategy is a critical part of the marketing mix and can be essential to the success of many small to mid-sized businesses. There are The 3 P’s that I recommend:

1. Promote news via press releases and a proactive approach to the press
2. Participate in trade shows and conferences
3. Pursue editorial opportunities in relevant publications

Promote News for Maximum Exposure

Press releases based on relevant and timely news can gain your company valuable exposure on many web sites, social media, blogs, videos, and other areas. However, your news will yield hundreds of impressions with your target audience if executed with a press tour before the release date. And if you have already created key words linked to your web site (via search engine optimization SEO), you can quickly draw customers to your web site. Your press release, collateral, messaging and web site need to be consistent and have a call to action.

Participate in Conferences and Leverage your Personal Brand

Public relations professionals can also help research worthwhile speaking opportunities at conferences and trade shows relevant to your industry. As a speaker, you usually don’t pay other than personal expenses to speak or contribute to a panel. In addition, you can do personal and company branding while gaining access to prospects and partners. Plan to contact conference representatives about 6 months in advance of an event. This exposure also helps you gain personal branding by being viewed as an “industry expert”.

Pursue Editorial Opportunities and Become an Industry Pundit

Another activity a PR professional can pursue is finding relevant articles in the publications your customers and partners read. Usually you can find an editorial calendar on the publication’s web site and articles in which you might be able to contribute content. Your public relations representative can “pitch” the reporter and many times as a next step, get the reporter to agree to interview you (or one of your customers) while referencing you as a “source.” In some cases, the reporter might write an entire article dedicated to your company. Always position yourself and your key executives as “industry experts.”

Take the Next Step with Public Relations

These public relations activities – The 3 P’s – can propel your company to the next step and increase its exposure and revenue. External PR firms and your internal marketing resources can explore these activities. Although there are more than the three activities listed above, you can confidently say that you know that public relations is not just a “press release” – but an important vehicle in the marketing mix and a next step strategy which will give your company maximum exposure.

Public Relations – Spread Good News About Your Company

If a company needs to work at regaining its reputation, public relations is the way to do it. Some companies fail because they have not taken advantage of this tool. B2B companies have to contend with many competitors, and PR allows yours to stand out amongst the rest. By using it to expose your company to the public in a positive light, you will make them associate your business and its products and services with good thoughts.

You can affect the public image of your company by using a variety of public relations techniques. Press conferences, direct mail, brochures, press releases, special events, trade shows, and media tours are some examples of common PR methods. When preparing a PR plan you should identify the challenges that your company has to deal with and structure your methods in order to overcome them. This can be done very effectively by a public relations specialist.

B2B businesses who want to establish their own place in the market would be wise to use a PR specialist to do so. They work to make a positive name for your company with the public. They can also fix problems you may have had with bad press in the past.

Public relations is a tool that is quite distinct from sales and marketing, but it has a direct effect on your bottom line. PR efforts take a little time to get started, but they make your company visible to the public and give it a positive reputation. When your B2B business works with other companies, they will already be familiar with your products in services, making marketing and selling much easier on you.

A positive public image is sure to help your company grow. Getting public relations on your side is a great way to make your business more successful.